Revolutionizing waste management

for cleaner, greener communities.

At Sustane, we’re on a mission to improve waste circularity, materially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and have a global impact.


Our commercial demonstration facility recycles 90%* of household waste into alternative fuels for new plastics and organic fertilizer – waste that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.


Our innovative technology can reduce the carbon footprint of your community by 10%*.
 We prevent 3 tonnes* of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere with every 1 tonne of garbage we process.


For communities of 150,000 people or more, our carbon negative technology offers significantly lower capital and operating costs than alternatives, thereby reducing the cost per tonne of prevented emissions.

* Exact value determined by waste composition.

Our Sustane-able Solution is Transforming Waste Management


Household waste recycled into value-added products.


GHG emissions prevented per tonne of garbage processed.


Carbon footprint reduction per community.

Career Opportunities

Interested in being a part of transformational change and building a more sustainable future?


Our proven, carbon negative technology recycles 90%* of household waste into alternative fuels used for new plastics and organic fertilizer.


Sustane Chester, our commercial demonstration facility, is designed to process 70,000 tonnes of household waste per year, which will prevent more than 200,000 tons of greenhouse gases. That’s the equivalent of taking roughly 50,000 cars off the road.

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