Sustane Technologies Inc. is a Canadian-based cleantech innovator, focused on municipal waste transformation.

Our Vision

Everyday, we wake up to the reality that society’s CO2 footprint is a major threat to humanity — and the Sustane team is passionate and galvanized to do something about it.

Sustane was founded with one purpose in mind: to create a clean and sustainable world for ourselves and for future generations. 

Today, Sustane’s technology is able to recover and repurpose almost 90% of the garbage that would have ordinarily ended up in a landfill. In our vision for the future, Sustane and our proprietary processes will do so much more.

As we continue to challenge existing methods and develop new, more efficient and environmentally responsible pathways to re-use our vital resources, we plan to play a role in moving the global needle on greenhouse gas reduction by removing up to 10% of CO2 from the global emissions equation. How will we do it? Through vital partnerships to improve food security, preserve fossil fuels, reduce plastic pollution, free up land and reverse deforestation, and practically eliminate waste leachates — one community at a time.

Why Sustane?

We’ve developed a set of disruptive processes to transform municipal solid waste (MSW) streams into high value fuels and recyclable materials — converting almost 90% of the waste in a black garbage bag back into valuable commercial products.

Our separation technology is different to other approaches that typically extract waste mixtures and attempt to minimize the cost of dealing with these streams.  Sustane’s core concept is complete separation and our technology breakthrough delivers high purity products that were not previously possible. The result is unprecedented value recovery and waste diversion levels, practically eliminating landfills.

Sustane’s initial commercial operation is commissioning in Nova Scotia, Canada and we’re also actively developing commercialization projects in various parts of the globe.

Our Team

Peter Vinall


Robert Richardson

Co-founder/Chief Financial Officer

Resources for Municipal Representatives

Sustane offers solid waste diversion and unprecedented value recovery for municipalities.

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