A made-in-Canada, carbon negative solution to revolutionize municipal waste management and materially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustane is revolutionizing municipal waste management while materially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our made-in-Canada solution, with global applications, delivers carbon negative products.

Every year, Canadians and Americans generate more than 300 million tonnes of household waste, which when landfilled, accounts for one-fifth of annual methane emissions.

(Sources: Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory, US EPA)

Today, Sustane works with governments and industry to transform garbage, single-use and end-of-life plastics into fuels and fertilizers as well as engineered feedstocks for virgin plastic production and renewable natural gas (RNG).

Source materials include:

Closeup of plastic garbage in a landfill

Municipal black bag garbage

Close up view of a collection of plastic bags
Recycling waste rejects, such as plastic bags and film plastic
Fishing nets with colorful buoys.
End-of-life fishing and aquaculture gear, such as lines, buoys, and netting
Empty garden pots ready for summer plants, vegetables, herbs or bedding.

Gardening trays, pots, and green bins

Closeup of plastic garbage in a landfill
Source separated organics, including food waste
Closeup of plastic garbage in a landfill

Agricultural waste plastics


Our proven, carbon negative technology recycles 90% of household waste into fuels and fertilizers as well as engineered feedstocks for virgin plastic production and renewable natural gas (RNG).

With significantly lower capital and operating costs than comparable alternative technologies, and a more favourable cost per tonne of GHG emissions prevented, Sustane’s carbon negative technology is designed to meet the needs of communities with population bases of 150,000 or greater.

Our Sustane-able Solution is Transforming Waste Management

Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended producer responsibility programs are one of the best ways we can grow our circular economy and fight climate change. By partnering with Sustane, government and industry improve waste circularity and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the prevention of 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for every tonne of garbage processed, our innovative approach to waste management reduces a community’s overall carbon footprint by 10 per cent.

Our commercial demonstration facility in Chester, NS is designed to process 70,000 tonnes of household waste each year, which will produce:

3.5 M litres

of alternative fuels for new plastics, replacing the 22,000 barrels of fossil fuels traditionally used in plastic generation

35,000 tonnes

of organic fertilizer

And prevent more than 200,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking roughly 50,000 cars off the road. Sustane is self-powered, using a portion of the alternative fuels we produce, instead of fossil fuels, to power our internal operations.

Our Partners

Our proven technology has attracted significant interest from global petrochemical and agricultural-related companies, with whom we are exploring new partnerships.

Sustane is also very pleased to partner with:

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