A Sustane-able economy for future generations.

Our proven, carbon negative technology recycles 90% of household waste into fuels and fertilizers as well as engineered feedstocks for virgin plastic production and renewable natural gas (RNG).

Closeup of plastic garbage in a landfill

Alternative fuels for new plastics

Single-use and end-of-life plastics are transformed into synthetic diesel and naphtha. These alternative fuels are used in the production of new plastics and to replace fossil fuels, reducing their carbon footprint.

Our partnership with PayLess Fuels also allows us to offer sustainable alternative fuels to local commercial customers.

Closeup of plastic garbage in a landfill

Organic fertilizer

Sustane’s organic GroBoost Fertilizer is CFIA approved and produced with lower carbon intensity than traditional chemical fertilizers, improving soil health, and significantly mitigating chemical fertilizer run-off in fields.

Clean and plastic free, the biomass pellets we produce for use in our organic fertilizer are primarily composed of carbon derived from paper products.

We are currently exploring commercial agricultural partnerships to pilot our organic fertilizer.

A Carbon Negative Solution

Sustane’s innovative approach to waste management reduces a community’s overall carbon footprint by 10 per cent, through the prevention of 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for every tonne of garbage processed.

A little boy takes the hand of his Father and Mother as they swing him in the air on a walk.  They are each dressed warmly in layers as they laugh and smile while enjoying some bonding time.

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