With the ability to recover almost 90% of the materials found in a garbage bag, the potential is limitless.

We’re able to produce a wide spectrum of commercial products, from highly-pure biomass pellets for energy production to synthetic diesel derived from plastics that make their way into the municipal waste stream — and we’re constantly developing more. Sustane is even self-powered, using the fuel we make to power our our facility instead of traditional fossil fuels.

Biomass Pellets

Sustane biomass pellets are clean and plastic-free, composed of carbon derived mostly from the paper products found in our municipal solid waste. This includes, for instance, the paper components of packaging, which would have originally been made using the waste streams from sawmill and forestry processes. Sustane pellets are equivalent to wood pellets in energy value and quality, only with better handling characteristics.

Other Recycled Materials

Sustane is also able to generate clean streams of typical recycled products including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and PET plastics.

Synthetic Diesel

Our process generates two grades of liquid fuel derived from the low-grade plastics found in our waste — Number 1 fuel, also known as kerosene or jet fuel, and Number 2 diesel. Sustane is self-powered, using a portion of the fuel we produce instead of fossil fuel as an energy source for all our internal operations. The Number 2 fuel we make is made available for use by industrial customers as a low-sulphur light heating oil, and will eventually qualify for use as a marine and road transportation diesel.

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