Guide for Municipalities

Waste solutions for smarter, greener cities

Green, Popular and Economical

With Sustane’s disruptive separation technology, municipalities can vastly extend the lifetime of its landfills, saving that precious void space for more problematic or special wastes. We transform municipal solid waste (MSW) into high value fuels and raw materials — all at a lower cost than landfilling — so you can demonstrate a meaningful commitment to a cleaner, healthier community.

Reduce tipping fees and landfill infrastructure overhead

Our solution is proven at operating scale with results confirming we’re the highest value-creating option for municipal waste streams. Our first North American demonstration facility, being commissioned in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada has a capacity of 70,000 tonnes per year of MSW.

Why Partner with Sustane?

Our process is energy self-sufficient and scales easily

We reduce disposal costs for municipalities

We increase diversion rates to 90%

We’re able to achieve compelling GHG reductions due to CH4 elimination

We offer less than 20% capital costs vs incineration

Discover our high margin transformation opportunities

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